Why aren’t you using coupon marketing and advertising to increase your website sales and authority?

Coupon MarketingCoupon marketing and advertising is more popular that ever! I don’t know about you but everytime I’m about to complete a purchase I have this nagging reminder to do a quick search to make sure that there isn’t a coupon code available. More often than not if Im able to find a coupon it determines if I continue through with the purchase and Im sure you do the same. If your not offering coupon codes, vouchers or discount offers you should be, in fact your missing out on one of the least spoke about marketing opportunities ever!

Beside the obvious fact that people love a bargain and choose to shop where they can get one, coupons will also motivate your existing customers to purchase and share your other offers. By giving your new potential client free shipping, a bonus, a percentage off or dollar value discount they will instantly feel more appreciated, increasing trust and sales.

Don’t disregard the power of a coupon offering, try searching for your own product with the words coupon and you will quickly see how your competitors are stealing your sales right from under your nose!

Posting coupon codes to these high ranking authority sites is going to give you one and in some cases two healthy do-follow back links from PR 3-6 pages on average! These pages are more powerful than just a link, real people are there in the thousands looking for discount offers 24/7!

Modern internet e-commerce platforms offer coupon code entry in the payment gateway, however you can also just create a special landing page and button to compliment your offers if that’s easier for your setup.


Mass Coupon Submitter is the solution to tedious Coupon Submissions. With one click blast your new store details to 75 and counting Coupon Code and Voucher code sites full of hungry buyers looking for a deal. Sites are of various PR and location around the world. Diversify your market and attract new buyers with multiple offers.
* Multithreading
* Full Captcha Solving
* Proxy Harvesting/Integration
* Fully automatic posting with one click
* Continued support, updates and sites management. (Plus many more added each month)


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