Marketing Coupons and Voucher Codes Best Practices

Marketing with coupons and voucher codes is quickly becoming a more and more powerful method of marketing directly to your customers – when properly implemented . Listed below are some of my best practices for a successful coupon marketing plan of attack:

– The question I get the most is how much of a discount should I offer? Now this has huge implications on your strategy so take the time to think it out. You can offer a percentage off or a dollar value discount. You can also add conditions to the offer, for example save 15% when you spend over $40.00. Another possibility is to offer free shipping or a bonus in the case of an affiliate coupon offer.

– Serious marketers are well aware that it will cost you far more to find a new customer than it will to hold on to the ones you already have. Repeat customers can and should be an integral part of your plan. You have to weigh it out, if your gateway allows for it you can have new customers receive a slightly higher discount on a first purchase, while existing users would come to expect a slight discount on new product launches.

– Encourage multiple sales by setting a minimum spending requirement just slightly over the price of your average product. This also works great for those repeat and new customers.

– If you have many products try not to be overly specific about your product details for the coupon or voucher. You don’t want to distract from your other offerings.

– It’s not uncommon for stores to slightly raise prices before offering a large discount, staying within your set budget limitations is key here.

– Take advantage of the coupon code field and use a keyword or something easy to remember. No one is going to write down an obscure string of numbers and letters, and if they do will they know it’s for your product?

Take advantage of the description field and present a powerful call to action that creates a sense of urgency, literally forcing your coupon code reader to redeem the coupon right away.

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Search out similar but non-competing partners that compliment your product or services.

Change up your offers to keep people interested in coming back to see whats new.

Encourage your visitors to add their email to your list to get notifications of new discount and coupon offers. Allowing or in fact suggesting your users to share your offers on their favorite social networks is also a great strategy.

Most of all just keep it simple, create enticing offers that you would be interested in. Its that simple. Double check your submission before posting and make sure all your landing pages are properly set up.

– Email/lead capture with an autoreponder
– social network buttons
– coupon code works – yes test it first
– discount is applied and visible to guest

In todays tough times having a coupon for your offer can make or break your sale. Attract more buyers and build relevant, authory do follow backlinks. Yes coupon sites generally will give you two links. So don’t lose out on the opportunity to attract more hungry buyers by simply offering discount coupon codes online!

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