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Dear Fellow Marketers,

Welcome to the Mass Coupon Submitter’s affiliate page.   The goal of our affiliate program isHundreds Of Coupon Carrying Bargain Hunters Are Looking For You! to make you a lot of money providing a brand new, rock solid marketing tool any website owner, product vendor or affiliate can make use of.

Developing an online marketing system that drives traffic, leads, and new customers is the biggest problem facing today’s businesses.

Mass Coupon Submitter solves that problem with ease,  by giving anyone the ability to have easy to use yet flexible turnkey solution that will broadcast their discount codes, Vouchers, coupons, affiliate offers and store front URL’s to hundreds of highly trafficked sites full of hungry buyers lookng for a code to your product!

The bottom line is that for a few dollars, Mass Coupon Submitter can give anyone massive hungry buyer online exposure overnight.


Post your affiliate offers and discount codes in seconds!As a Affiliate, all you have to do is refer someone to the sales page of Mass Coupon Submitter by sending them your affiliate link and you make money!.  You MAKE MONEY every single sale.  You get paid over and over and over again for as long as that person has a Mass Coupon Submitter membership.

From our affiliate  newsletter you will learn step-by-step strategies to literally copy and paste your way to making lots of money with Mass Coupon Submitter.   Our affiliate program gives you proven strategies that you put to action in just a matter of minutes.


The best part of all is that you can use Mass Coupon Submitter to market your affiliate links!  As a Mass Coupon Submitter customer, not only can you use the software to market your own products and services, but you can use it to promote Mass Coupon Submitter and make big money as an affiliate.  Talk about an unfair advantage!

Get Your Affiliate Links Now!

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Email 1

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I have just discovered a {Coupon Code|Discount Code|Voucher Code}
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Selling our stuff.

If you have any sort of content on the web, then you need
to listen up, because you're going to learn about the
most advanced marketing tool that I have ever seen.

This tool is called Mass Coupon Submitter, and its available here:


Mass Coupon Submitter isn't a lightweight automation tool.

Instead, it provides you with massive submission power that slaughters
the competition and bypasses the search engines going direct to the
buying consumer. 

For one, it uses multi-threading to run 3 instances at once, chopping
delivery time for your coupon code and product backlink to mere minutes.

If that isn't enough, it already has over 75 of the top coupon/store front
submission sites in it's database!

And that's not all...

Every month they add at least another 10 sites and make sure all the existing
ones are working 110%. These sites are world wide are consist of thousands of
hungry coupon code loving customers. 

BY DEFINITION. That means you are going to EASILY multiply your coupon submission
effort by over 75 times! 

I could easily go on and on about how submitting coupon codes for your site is
going to send you hundreds of targetted buying visitors but I'll let you check
it out yourself.

I guarantee it will knock your socks off.


Best Regards,
Richard Key

P.S. I'll be checking in on you tomorrow so hurry before the price goes up!

Email 2


I'm sure you've heard it before.

Work smart, not hard.

And that is exactly why I am telling you about
Mass Coupon Submitter.

Coupon submission site research coupled with writing and
and rewriting your add over and over again can be a very
time-consuming and boring task, especially if you are marketing
multiple offers of affiliate products.

Once you have your Coupon details added, naturally you
will want to submit it to as many Coupon Submission/Store Front
sites as you can.

But there is the nagging problem. You don't want to spend the entire
day notifying all the sites about your new offer and rewriting it
again and again..

So how do we get around this?

The one and only Mass Coupon Submitter, that's how!


This is a smart and sophisticated program that will save you countless
hours and open up your website or affiliate products to an entirely new but
hungry to buy market that is still in its infancy!

The beauty of Mass Coupon Submitter is that it really does all the work
for you.

It really is just point and click. You fill in your details and push one button.
So easy to do and if your going to submit hundreds of offers it even comes with
a built in proxy scraper!

Now that's what I call working smart!

Best of all, Mass Coupon Submitter is being introduced at a very low initial
offering. Try it now before your competition does!


Best Regards,
Richard Key

Email 3

"{name}, How To Get Out Of The Google Trap"



Everybody wants to drive MASSES
of f.ree Google traffic to their website.
But there's a problem.

In order to do this, you need to setup
a website with a HUGE number of articles
and backlinks.

All your articles need to be unique,
completely original and high quality.

And herein lies the problem - this process takes TIME.

Time you should be for relaxing,
time you should be focused on the things you love.

So what's the solution?

Right now, there is only one - you need an "Automated
Mass Coupon Submission Robot". Robots or bots are advanced
pieces of software that take tedious repetitive actions
and process them for you.

This tricks the search engines,
and means you get visitors - and profits - the easy way.
You can do all that and more using
a new tool I just came across - Mass Coupon Submitter.

In fact, it will submit your coupons and voucher
codes to an array of store fronts and coupon sites,
turning you into an instant authority in Google's eyes
and delivering tons of targetted buyers.

And if you think this sounds too good to be true you
can check it out here...

== >Your AFF ID

This amazing software completely removes
the pains and frustrations of submitting
coupon codes, vouchers, rewriting, and submitting.

With Mass Coupon Submitter you'll have the power
to blast your offers to an unlimited number
of new and unique sites from all over the world.

Just plug in the coupon details and let the software
do the rest.

If you act fast you can get in on introductory pricing today.

Here's the link for you...

== >Your AFF ID


Richard Key






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Mix these key phrases up with other long tail key words. For ex.

“Post new Promotion Code”

Play around to come up with many of your own actionable key phrases with low competition and high conversion rate.
These are root key phrases and also note they are all “buyer keywords” If some one is typing one of these keywords they are looking for a solution.


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