Look at my friend Darren,

He worked hard building his websites and spending hours making sure his content was first class. Darren’s sites were doing well and then all of a sudden another search engine change and all his traffic virtually stopped.

So why put your eggs in one basket?

One thing is becoming apparent! That is we need authorship and social presence, venturing into Google Plus with Plus Commander will help you do just that and a lot more…..





Dominate Plus with Plus Commander


Create floods of traffic from A Massive Stream Of Over 135 Million Active Top Sharers!!

Harvest The Trending Topics To Acquire Top Influencer’s.

Harnessing this data follows the flow of the most active users.




Segmenting your contacts into segment specific niche groups!

Google Plus answer to segmenting your audience cannot be beat. Gone are invites the “In” thing is now ‘Circles” What are circles? Circles allow you to add any user to a circle you can create and name as you wish.


Google Plus (+) is at the center of Google Search Results, Business Listings & Ratings RIGHT NOW!


Properly harnessed Ripples are a gift that you can keep on unwrapping like a present..



Google’s new ripples are a marketing gold mine! With Ripples instead of static charts you find an interactive zoom-able web-like info graphic that ripples from the first post all the way through the most influential users. Arrows show the direction of the post when it was shared, while circles identify the people that have shared it, and with whom.

The size of the circle depends on the length of the chain reaction your content has triggered. The more you zoom in and interact with the info graphic, the more you will reveal about the post. Allowing you to quickly identify top contributors and social influencers to target for your niche.


Did you know the lifespan of the average Facebook or Twitter post on Google search is ONLY 30 minutes? ( Facebook stats)


Google is hard at work making Google Plus the center of their business model.

With all Google business sectors merging into it’s all encompassing social stream Google Plus (+), building social influence across Plus Business Pages, Zagat reviews, Google News Results, and most important your search engine results with Google Authorship (those pics of people you know in the search results) is easier to achieve than ever before.

It’s no secret that Google values its own social links from Google Plus over any other social network and so they should. Just do a search you wont find many twitter posts on Google these days.

Amazingly, in the last month Google Plus overtook Twitter with total number of users. It’s time to face facts Facebook and Twitter are no longer enough, you have to take advantage of Google Plus if you want top rankings in the search results..

Fortunately, it’s not to late to take action to stay on top of your search engine results.










Plus Commander Is The Only Solution You Will Ever Need To Intelligently Automate All Your Google Plus Accounts & Business Pages 24/7.

” Google Plus Circles allow savvy marketers to segment their posts, images and content to who is looking for it most!”

” As of Feb 2013 Google Plus (+) had over 500 million users. Adding 35 million new users per month!”

  • Boost Serps
  • Build Authority
  • Consistently Drive Targetted Traffic
  • Build Your Brand
  • Easy To Use
  • Bite Size Video Tutorials
  • PDF Guide
  • Friendly Support Staff

It’s A One Of A Kind Break-through AUTOMATED SOFTWARE that every Marketer, Affiliate & Website Owner NEEDS in their own SEO Toolbox.

Google Plus is Now The #2 Social Network

Recently Overtaking Twitter with Over A HALF A BILLION USERS & 135 MILLION ACTIVE AT ANY MINUTE!


Having a presence on Google Plus WILL help you keep up your site in the search engine ranking shuffle!




Let Plus Commander Manage All Your G Plus Accounts From One Central Location, 8 Feature packed easy to use modules enhancing :


  • Your Circle Totals & The Quality (Influence) Of People Who Add You Back & Ultimately Share Your Content!
  • Add People To Any Circle Of Your Choice Or Create A New Circle To Your Keyphrase Or Trend Name On The Fly.
  • Remove ONLY The Users Who Dont Add You Back!
  • Reblog Your Content & Offers
  • Post Images with comments and links
  • Search & Save the Top Trends, People & Posts
  • Share whats what hot up to the minute
  • Gather and post top news stories by keyphrase as if its your original post
  • In addition includes built in sub modules enabling you to:
  • Send mass invites to your communities(bypassing the limit)
  • +1 A List Of Urls (any size)
  • Send an instant Post or Stat Update on a delay or via the scheduler
  • Project Management interface allows you to save or load any account (Multiply your efforts even more!)
  • Every run saves all your added and removed users so you can track your results and progress.
  • Imports Circle Totals, Circle Names for Posting & Total # Of People Who Have Added You Back
  • Saves over 50 user preferences, last urls, comments entered and far more
  • Utilize a blacklist to filter out undesirable users/trends
  • Only add users with completed profiles and portraits
  • Built in Proxy Manager With Full support for private and public proxies allowing you to easily change them at will. (*optional but recommended using multiple accounts)
  • Built in Spin Text Allowing You To Create Completely Unique Comments Every Time
  • Built in Captcha Solving
  • 64 / 32 Bit Operation for Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8.



Only $27.00

Buy now!



Peace Of Mind

No Quibble Guarantee

If after 30 days you feel that the software is not for you then

we will be happy to refund your money in full.













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