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Mass Coupon Submitter Refund Policy

What is your Guarantee or refund policy?

We guarantee the software to work on your machine and offer a 7-day return policy on our software. If you have an issue with making the software work, please contact the support team below. If we cannot resolve your software issue within 7 days of your purchase, we will refund your purchase.  Please understand we are not responsible for 3rd party site changes, we can only react. However we will address them within a timely manner (usually within 24 hours)

Please read all of this: If a refund is necessary due to software not working, we will assist you. Please  submit a support ticket with your paypal address, the transaction ID, and amount you paid below. Again, please provide your Paypal Email Address and transaction ID, along with amount paid, otherwise it will not get done…

NOTE: your account access and software license will be immediately terminated upon finalization of transaction.  Repeat offenders will be added to JVZoo blacklist and banned from further purchases of our software as per JVZoo blacklist agreement. (This may effect other JVZoo purchases) The form edition is available to trial the software and determine if it is a good fit  for your business.

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