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How Does It Work? +

How Does It Work?

Simple setup enables you to submit your offers within minutes!

How much is it?
Currently the single submission is discounted to $6.99 going to $9.99 soon!. Subscriptions are monthly at $47 per month for 10 submissions renewals are available from your members dash. That’s it, no proxies , no captcha service or pc required!
What is the difference between the versions?
The standard version is a dedicated windows software requiring you to have a captcha service provider, proxies are recommended. The form edition is a dedicated service usable on mobile devices & through a webpage for a single submission or multiple submissions based on your subscription level.
How do I order the Windows software?
Simply order a package from Mass Coupon Submitter

Please note this is the VPS edition of the software that submits one coupon to many sites through our servers, proxies and using our captcha service provider. No stand alone software required. You can get also your own copy of the stand alone windows edition of the software or a subscription to use the form , from  Mass Coupon Submitter
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